Directions Rosie Connolly's is located on the west side of the 17th St. Farmers' Market in Richmond's historic Shockoe Bottom, right next to Havana 59. Just turn on 17th Street off East Main.

From the West End: Take the Downtown Expressway to the I-95/64 exit onto 95, then stay in the right lane and take a quick right on Exit 74C. Bear right on the East Broad Exit onto Oliver Hill Way. Cross Broad into the Farmers' Market neighborhood and start looking for a parking space.

From Ireland: If ya really want to get to Rosie's from here, what you do is you go down that road, where Paddy Malloy's bullock chased the priest for hours, and we didn't have church for at least 3 months. Then, when you get to the place where the old mill used to be, you take a right and go all the way to Sean O'Donnell's house, who got married not but two years ago. Now, his wife Maggie, is fine enough looking, I'll grant you that, but Lord knows, the girl can't cook. When she boils water, she burns it, so she does. Sean, of course, doesn't call for anything grand, being that I've seen him eat a raw potato on more than one occasion, but he was a wee lad back then, we only had but a few months of difference between us then. Not much more than nowdays. So I've known him quite well, so if you are passing him, you just tell him I've been asking after him. But of course, you take another right after his house. [...] And after that you take a left. But that's not the way that I would go. The best thing to do would be to click on MapQuest, and they will give you as good a directions as any thirsty man may want.

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